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4 Easy Steps to Find the Correct Recovery DVD or USB Set for Your Compaq Computer

Compaq Recovery Disk DVD USB Wizard

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Guaranteed to work with your Compaq laptop or desktop PC.

The recovery DVD set will factory reset your Compaq with the selected language of the Windows® operating system. Make sure your Compaq has a valid product key before proceeding. For a limited time every order is supplied with a free data recovery boot disk.

You will receive a 3 x DVD restore disk set in download, DVD or USB format. This Compaq restore disk set comprises of an operating system recovery disk, a driver recovery disk and a data recovery disk.

A total of 3 DVD disks designed to specifically restore your Compaq laptop or desktop PC to a perfectly clean "from the factory" new setup.. *Guaranteed.

Enter your Compaq model number

Select the operating system you require

Select 32 bit if you don't know

Select the operating system language

Select your media and delivery

Compaq was incorporated in 1982 and was setup primarily for the sale and support of computers in the emerging home computer market. Compaq was recognised as one of the first companys to produce the IBM PC compatible type computers, these are the fore runners to today PC. Compaq were also recognised as one of the first companies to use the Intel 286 microprocessors. Compaq, who's headquarters were in northwest unincorporated Harris County, Texas, became the largest computer supplier in the 1990s. Compaq was purchased by HP in 2002.

From around 2007 most computer manufacturers, including Compaq, started to ship all their desktop PCs and laptops without the recovery disk or recovery CD. Instead they embedded the recovery partition into the hard disk drive. This created huge issues for any user who wanted to upgrade their hard disk.  It is worth also understanding that around 1 in every 190 hard disks drives fail in the first few years of use, due to mistreatment or accidents. With this problem in mind, Restore Solutions developed a new revolutionary method of recovering an operating system. This process was developed so that the user could easily and legally re-install their system with a valid new operating system using an up-to-date clean recovery disk.

Direct Compaq support can be found here on the HP Compaq website.

The following Compaq recovery system, is very easy to use, just type in the model number of your Compaq PC, follow the instructions and press the big green button.

Updated 27/04/2023

Article Written By Restore Solutions : October 2nd, 2016.