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Recovery Media Wizard

This Recovery Media Wizard will factory reset any licensed Windows® based computer with the selected language and media type you require. You can receive your recovery media in DVD, Download, ISO and USB stick / key formats.

For many years most computers have been manufactured with a built in product key or license. You can read more about product keys here. For a limited time every order is supplied with a free data recovery boot disk.

This recovery disk set comprises of an operating system recovery disk, a driver recovery disk and a free data recovery disk.

A total of 3 DVD Disks, ISOs, USB Sticks or Downloads designed to specifically restore your computer.... *Guaranteed.

We Are Here To Help!
If you get any of the information below wrong, you can always contact our help desk after you have ordered, we will make sure you get the exact recovery media that you need. *Check our terms and conditions for details.

Select the manufacturer of your computer.

Enter your computer's model number or model name (leave this blank if you do not know)

Select the operating system recovery you require.

Select your required language.

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