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About The Restore.Solutions Web Site Team


The website is owned and operated by Recovery Software Ltd. We take an immense amount of time to make sure that we provide the not only the best software and websites we can write, but make them Google and user friendly too. We don't just stop at functionality, we have a dedicated in house team of artists who make sure all our projects look as good as they function. We also have many beta testers that spend hundreds of hours testing our products and sending them back to the coders for re-development.

  • Windows Factory Reset

    Windows Factory Reset

  • Blue Windows 11 Desktop

    Windows 11 Desktop

  • Blue Windows 10 Desktop

    Windows 10 Desktop

  • Standard Windows 8.1 Desktop

    Windows 8.1 Desktop

  • Standard Windows 8 Desktop

    Windows 8 Desktop

  • Blue Windows 7 Desktop

    Windows 7 Desktop

  • Black Windows Vista Desktop

    Windows Vista Desktop

  • Black Windows XP Desktop

    Windows XP Desktop

  • Recovery Disk Wizard

    Recovery Disk Wizard

  • USB Key On Windows Background

    Make A Windows Boot USB

  • Data Recovery Disk Screen

    Data Recovery Boot Disk

What we do

We are a dynamic company that supports nearly 500,000 different makes and model numbers of drivers and computers. We supply Windows recovery disks, free drivers and data recovery. With a live help desk, you can also trust that we will be there if you have any problems.


Our mission is to supply the best software and solutions to computer users, either for free, or at the most competitive prices. Our target market are those customers who have operating system, driver or data recovery issues.

Websites UK Based With EU and USA Geo located Cache Servers

We welcome customers and prospective clients to use the validate buttons on the bottom of all the websites produced by Restore Solutions. All the current sites are 100% mobile agile and will validate with the message "This document was successfully checked as HTML5". Conversely our pages can also be checked with the Google page speed test tool where even for large data-based pages we consistently score between 95 - 100 %  So far we have not found any web site by any publisher that can produce statistics such as ours. ** It is worth understanding that when looking at the speed test tool, that dependencies, such as Google Analytics or Disqus, are all external dependencies, so if your site is pulling images or .js from these sites, your server cannot cache the images or edit things like the cache expiry time. So these types of dependencies are out of the site owners control. Very few large sites will actually pass validation of any kind, many will not even score over 70 in the speed test.

restore solutions speed test results

SSL Certificate Strength

We consistently score an A+ using the Qualys SSL labs test (Restore Solutions SSL results). It is very interesting to see how many sites fail and score very badly in real time using their SSL test tools live results page

restore solutions SSL results

Geo-Located Auto Location Detection Image CDNs

We have built geo-located image CDNS in the EU and the USA. These dynamically serve next generation images such as webp. These images are sourced and cached from our main servers and then served, in next generation format, from closest CDN from the web users location.

usa CDN

Web Site Consultancy

We are constantly asked for help and information building fast SEO friendly sites. To start your first consultation (1 hour) we charge a one off fee of $100.00. Once you have paid for the initial service we will contact you using the email address you have used to place your order. After your initial consultation we can then assess the amount of time and work to carry out your request and negotiate a price that we are sure you will be happy with.

Web Site Consultancy

Registered Office Address

Recovery Software Ltd (TA Restore Solutions)
Kemp House
128 - 160 City Road