Windows 10 Demo Site And Updates

Windows 10 Demo Site And Updates

Windows 10 demo site and updates


Microsoft Windows 10 Demo Site Available

Microsoft Announced that they have released a web site designed to help and familiarize their customers with Windows 10, this can be found here... Windows 10 emulator This will emulate windows 10 for the following devices:

Windows 10 Laptop

Windows 10 Laptop Demo

Windows 10 Tablet

Windows 10 Tablet Demo

Windows 10 Phone

Windows 10 Phone Demo

Its pretty cool as there are videos that are triggered by pressing buttons that shows you how to do the exact task you have requested. The interactive videos give you a really good idea about the look and feel of Windows 10 across the most popular devices. There is a great list of devices that are now pre-installed with Windows 10, including the new Dell Alienware 15 and the Lenovo Y5O.

Maybe now the question needs to be asked concerning the ongoing issues that Microsoft has had penetrating the mobile phone market. Is Microsoft finally going to crack the Windows phone market? What do you think? Finally, some Windows 10 phone eye-candy, check these out! The Acer Liquid M220 and a few others... mmmm doughnuts!

Windows 10 phones

Now for the latest in windows 10 updates.. It seems there is a huge issue with the bulk patch release update KB3081424. It has been reported that this latest patch resets your computer at around the thirty percent to half way mark and then re-starts the whole process again, causing an infinite loop. This infinite reboot loop has been reported by thousands of customers, we are still looking into this and will likely release an article later today or tomorrow regarding a fix. 

As of January 2022 all the free updrade paths, right from Windows 7 are still active!

These are the free upgrade paths to windows 10

Article re-written Jan 15th 2022

Article Written By Restore Solutions : August 12nd, 2015.