Which Windows Version Is Compatible With Your Computer?

Which Windows Version Is Compatible With Your Computer?

Which Windows version is compatible with your computer


Are you wondering just which version of Windows will work on your system?

It may be that you have an old computer with a COA on it that you want to resurrect or upgrade. One of the first things to remember is that even if the manufacturer does not support drivers for your target operating system, every bit of hardware can nearly always be matched with a driver. (no matter what the manufacturers say)

How is this possible?

Well it pretty easily really, as long as you have a massive database and software to help. (as we do)

Your Dell, Acer, Sony laptop .... (the list could go on) are all made up of generic parts, for example your network card in your Dell may be a a broadcom 1Gb net extreme or maybe an old 3com, however what if only Acer had released drivers for it? What if no other manufacturer has ever released 8.1 drivers for it? Well good news! As long as you know what your doing, it does mean that any laptop would work with the Acer drivers. So to match every bit of OEM hardware in the world with a driver all you need to do is have a database of every driver made by every manufacturer, and a matching system that matches them with every bit of hardware! (not easy)

I guess you will realize by now that this is one of the things we have, along with a continual indexing and matching processes that we carry out all day .. every day.

Okay now then how can you find out if your computer is compatible with every operating system?

The list below is a set of links to the Official Microsoft Windows Advisor Programs. You simply install the one that matches the operating system you want to test for. The program will then run and let you know if your system is compatible.

Most of the above information is too old, here is the newest Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant and Windows 11 Upgrade Assistant.

Remember we can upgrade all 64 bit system to windows 11

No Windows 11 TPM 2 Requirement.
No Windows 11 Secure Boot Requirement.
No Windows®11 Minimum CPU or Hardware Requirement.

Article Written By Restore Solutions : July 24th, 2015.