Concerning News about the latest Windows 11 Update Wreaking Havoc

Concerning News about the latest Windows 11 Update Wreaking Havoc

Upset becuase windows update broke my computer


Concerning News about the latest Windows 11 Update Wreaking Havoc

Hold on to your seats, Windows users, because the highly anticipated KB5028185 update for Windows 11, released on July 11, has arrived with a bang! Packed with Moment 3 features and top-notch security enhancements, it promised to revolutionize our Windows experience. But alas, not everything has gone according to plan. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of problems that has left many users scratching their heads in frustration.

Over the past few days, the KB5028185 update has been mysteriously installing itself on unsuspecting PCs. Unlike the uneventful June 2023 Patch Tuesday, this update comes with a plethora of exciting new features and improvements. Hidden Moment 3 features, previously accessible only through optional preview updates, are now fully activated.

However, as users flocked to the Feedback Hub to share their experiences, an alarming pattern emerged. Many encountered issues during the installation itself. Suddenly, their screens were plagued by the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD), followed by automatic restarts. The only escape from this vicious cycle was a manual F8 operation during startup, which thankfully led to successful system repair.

One desperate user shared their harrowing tale: "After I updated the KB5028185 patch on 7.12, things took a turn for the worse. Whenever I tried to update a game on my D drive, my system would suddenly hog 100% of the disk, and the drive itself would disappear from my device list. Only after rebooting did it reappear, and even then, the issue persisted. I tried everything to fix it, but nothing worked until I finally gave up and uninstalled the dreaded KB5028185 patch."

But that's not all! Annoyingly, users have been bombarded with repetitive installations of the security intelligence update 1.393.336.0. While this may not cause major problems, it's undeniably exasperating to see it pop up repeatedly whenever the dreaded "check for updates" button is clicked. This issue seems to affect various Windows 11 devices, causing users to roll their eyes in collective frustration.

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And let's not forget the ongoing struggle with Windows 11's SSD bug, which continues to wreak havoc on performance. It's like running an outdated, glitch-ridden version of Windows 11 on a slow processor with limited RAM. Picture this: a mind-numbing four-hour update download and installation followed by two restarts and another agonizing 50-minute installation period. Yet, despite enduring this torturous ordeal, the system remains frustratingly slow. Even uninstalling and reinstalling the NET Framework update fails to provide any relief.

One user's nightmare involved an Acer Nitro 17 motherboard, where USB2 and USB3 ports were plagued by issues. After 48 excruciating hours, they found solace in uninstalling the notorious KB5028185 update, finally restoring smooth operation to their system.

And if all that wasn't enough, some poor souls have reported the horror of flickering displays while attempting to enjoy their favorite games after the update. The screen starts to dance and flicker uncontrollably whenever the refresh rate exceeds 60 Hz or when playing games in fullscreen or borderless window mode. Sadly, an elusive solution to this disheartening issue remains elusive.

Now, how can you fix the problems caused by the infamous Windows 11 July 2023 update? There is a workaround that involves uninstalling the troublesome KB5028185 update. Simply follow these steps: go to Settings > Windows Update > Update history > Uninstall updates and select the "Security Update" labeled "KB5028185."

However, proceed with caution, dear users. Uninstalling this update may expose your system to security vulnerabilities. It might be wiser to hold tight and wait for the next update or an official solution from the ever-reliable Microsoft. Stay strong, Windows warriors, as we weather this storm of technical difficulties together!

Article Written By Restore Solutions : July 17th, 2023.