Windows 10 Release Rushed

Windows 10 Release Rushed

Windows 10 release rushed


The Windows 10 initial release was rushed, this is the general opinion of technical article writers and ourselves, many journalists also have said the same thing.

Many users and our customers have also reported that they have had a lot of problems with Windows 10, from issues such as the system going into an infinite loop after insisting on taking a profile picture, to a plain black screen with no text. As from initial launch, Microsoft stated that Windows 10 would be in a continual state of development, it seems that they knew there were going to be a lot of problems. On day one they launched an initial patch that was nearly 1Gb in size. This was exasperated by the sheer volume of users and the very successful take up of the product.

The SR1 update (service Release 1) Update (KB3081424) is now available, which includes all the previous minor fixes plus extra fixes which are said to improve the performance of Windows 10 and address a the many issues, discussed above, that new Windows 10 users are experiencing.

The most amazing unofficial news today is the sheer numbers of installs, This unconfirmed report comes from Neowin who have just reported that 25 million devices now use Windows 10. Worryingly this shows that people either do not care, or have not read the EULA that states that Microsoft, in layman's terms, actually own all the data that resides on any device installed with Windows 10

Article Written By Restore Solutions : August 7th, 2015.