Roll Out Of The New Windows 10 Has Started

Roll Out Of The New Windows 10 Has Started

Roll out of the new Windows 10 has started


The roll-out of the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, has started today. The new system is available as a free upgrade for anyone using Windows 7 and above, which will also see the Explorer browser scrapped. The software will work across all Windows-powered devices for the first time, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and the Xbox One console. Despite competition from other rival operating systems, Windows is still hugely popular in offices around the world.

There is good news for the users who were angry when the Start menu was removed from Windows 8. It will return in the new software.

We are joined now by Michel Van der Bel, Microsoft UK CEO. We asked him "Windows has clearly defined Microsoft and yet Windows 8 and Windows Vista were flops. How crucial is Windows 10 to your survival?"

Michel Van der Bel replied "We have had lots of people testing and it is freely available today as an upgrade. The good thing is that with so many people testing and working on this, we have made it something that users will want and you have the desktop back and the start menu back! It is easy-to-use and secure. We have taken a different approach to come to this as a global availability."

We then posed the question "Businesses tend to be the main customers for Windows. You claim it will make computers more secure and it will make workers more productive. How?"

The Microsoft UK CEO answered "It is for consumers and business. From a business perspective, we have to think back about how cyber crime has evolved in the last ten years, starting as a fairly innocent thing and today there is a lot happening around data theft in the business areas. We have also done a lot of work to make it easier to use, faster, but also to make it a secure operating system that protects your applications on your desktop and on any device."

Our last question "Lots of people have multiple devices. How easy is it to use and how compatible is it with existing software?"

"It is compatible for the users that have Windows 7 and 8." Michel Van der Bel replied "They can ask for an upgrade. It is being designed with the help of a lot of people so you will be familiar with the interface. You will have the opportunity to export new features such as a digital system that will allow you to find things faster and learn from you how to do things better and make you more productive. It will be updated very consistently not only from a security perspective, but also in terms of new innovation. You can identify yourself through biometrics. That will help a lot of people to get over the hurdle of forgetting passwords."

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Well short and sweet, however its worth reading the EULA as we think you may not want to jump on the upgrade bandwagon before understanding just what what this means for your privacy and the ownership of your data .. sorry .. now Microsoft's data.. definitely read this article about how Microsoft owns all your data on any device running Windows 10.

Extracts from an interview with Sky News.

Article Written By Restore Solutions : July 29th, 2015.