Microsoft Hololens Is The End Of All Flatscreen Tv

Microsoft Hololens Is The End Of All Flatscreen Tv

Microsoft hololens is the end of all flatscreen tv


It struck us the other day, that people have not really grasped just what a big deal the Microsoft Hololens system really is!

Why would you need a TV in the house? Why would you need any games TV or even a computer monitor?

Imagine Call of Duty wearing a Hololens, and the level of fitness you could attain with associated equipment to enable movement!

Microsofts HoloLens demonstration totally stole the show at BUILD 2015. Want to see what it is like to use the Hololense? You will be blown away... this demonstration shows off many things including the holographic version of Minecraft.

It seems to us that there is about to be an explosion in "Augmented Reality" accessories and the need for large flat white walls. Your TV can be as big as the surface that you want to superimpose your augmented reality TV onto.

When Microsoft say "holographic computing is here" they are not wrong.

The application potential is pretty much limitless, just think of the film the Matrix, and the request for schematic overlays! Think about a battle field and all the information that could be streamed direct to a combat arena.

We hope you will watch the videos and realize that holograms, and augmented reality is no longer science fiction, this science is here and it is a big deal!

Article Written By Restore Solutions : July 26th, 2015.