Drones The Police And Pre-Crime

Drones The Police And Pre-Crime

Drones police and pre crime


Drones Police & Pre-Crime

"Hi, Steve, can you hear me, it"s Tan." "Hi, Tan. I can hear you, loud and clear."

This looks like an ordinary interaction but this is being delivered by drone.
In a remote location with no network or a disaster area where communications go down, this drone can be sent up to provide continuous coverage for public safety workers, such as the police or ambulance services.

Motorola communication drone in the air

This emergency communications drone is equipped with a wireless router and camera. Replacing the current old and bulky technology, wired trucks. The drone is part of the "projects in the future of policing" research based at the headquarters of Motorola in Chicago. The challenges set for the centre to solve are things like, how to utilise huge amounts of data over broadband, including the type of concept below, where the police officer of the future will have a law enforcement smart-belt that would be connected with mission-critical Bluetooth data sent by drone to the dispatch desk.

drone equipped with a wireless router and camera

Police Monitoring & Pre-Crime

These glasses are connected by Bluetooth to the smartbelt. If the officer draws his gun, the glasses automatically take a photo of what is happening. When the gun was withdrawn an icon also popped up on the intelligent data portal. This alerts the dispatch desk showing the gun-drawn icon, along with an audio alarm, which in turn could automatically activate a whole host of other support services.

glasses record police officer drawing his gun

You can click on the icon to get more information. What you will see is the location of the officer, the photo that was automatically taken, his vehicle ID and the latitude and longitude of the incident. We can then see what direction he is taking and hook that up to the health system vitals, if the officer has accelerated heart rate, we can then make a judgement call. Considering the photo evidence and the fact that his weapon is drawn, its a pretty good chance that he needs backup.
Like a black box for air-planes, sensors record what happened. An audio recording is transmitted to dispatch and when a gun is fired this comes up with the exact time on the time-line, making an indisputable record of events. Which looking at recent events would become invaluable in the cases where an officers evidence would be submitted to a Grand Jury.

police officer the intelligent data portal


This system tells police officers where crime is likely to happen during a shift! We hope that this is not in the same way as it was portrayed in the film Minority Report. So to do that, you draw a box which is 1000 by 1000 feet, you can then zoom in to see the numbers on the boxes, these are the numbers that indicate priority. If you are in the local area you would focus on the areas shown by number ones and then twos or threes. These are predictive crimes and not crimes that have happened. Predictions of where the system thinks crime will happen during today's shift which gives you a big advantage. It is based on five years worth of crime data and uses complex algorithms to show where crime is likely to be. It then pulls in the crime location, type and the time it occurred historically and as if by magic we get a crime prediction score! When they initially launched this system we saw a thirty to forty percent initial impact on crime statistics, so it defiantly works.

police officer pre-crime display

Automated Live Police Officer Natural Language Assistant

In the future more systems will be automated, like the time-consuming process that police officers undertake of writing notes at the end of a shift. To help with this a natural language assistant is being developed to talk officers through data while on patrol. Well that is about it for today, more tomorrow!

Article Written By Restore Solutions : September 9th, 2015.