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4 Easy Steps to Find the Correct Recovery DVD or USB Set for Your Dell Computer

Dell Recovery Disk DVD USB Wizard

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Guaranteed to work with your Dell laptop or desktop PC.

The recovery DVD set will factory reset your Dell with the selected language of the Windows® operating system. Make sure your Dell has a valid product key before proceeding. For a limited time every order is supplied with a free data recovery boot disk.

You will receive a 3 x DVD restore disk set in download, DVD or USB format. This Dell restore disk set comprises of an operating system recovery disk, a driver recovery disk and a data recovery disk.

A total of 3 DVD disks designed to specifically restore your Dell laptop or desktop PC to a perfectly clean "from the factory" new setup.. *Guaranteed.

Enter your Dell model number

Select the operating system you require

Select 32 bit if you don't know

Select the operating system language

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Dell Inc, normally just known as "Dell", is a computer hardware and electronics company whose headquarters is in Round Rock, Texas, United States. In 1985 Dell recieved  $1,000 in expansion-capital from Michael Dells's family, soon after the company produced the first computer of its own design, the Turbo PC, which sold for around $795. From 1997 to 2004, Dell enjoyed steady growth and it gained market share at the expense of competitors even during industry down turns.

Some of the Dell family of computers are the OptiPlex, Dimension, Vostro, n Series, Latitude, Precision, PowerEdge, PowerVault, Force10, PowerConnect, Inspiron, XPS, Alienware and Venue.

From around 2010 most OEM manufacturers, including Dell, shipped all their notebooks, desktop PC's and laptops with an operating system restore disk as a partition on the hard disk drive. Many consumers found that this method caused major issues. Customers who wanted to upgrade their hard disk drive or even those that had to replace their hardware due to a failure, suddenly found themselves with no route to a legal operating system. On top of that around one in every 250 hard disks drives become faulty within the first 24 months of use, due to mistreatment or accidents. Because of these problems and many more, we developed a new Dell compatible operating system and driver recovery system. This process was developed so that the user could easily and legally re-install their Dell computer with a valid new operating system using an up-to-date clean recovery disk.

The following Dell recovery system, is very easy to use, just type in the model number of your Dell computer, follow the instructions and press the big green button.

How To Boot From Your Dell Recovery Disk

The Dell computer will need to be powered up with the Dell recovery disk all ready in the optical device. Once the system has started you should get the option to boot from disk. If however the computer still tries to start up from the hard disk drive, you can follow the steps laid out here, where the article explans how to set-up the Dell to boot from disk. The same method also applies if you are re-installing your Dell using a USB drive. Please see the videos below regarding how to make sure your Dell computer is to set-up to boot from the optical device.

The first video shows how to boot from DVD if the target computer has Phoenix BIOS, the BIOS type is not really important as all BIOS are very similar and it really is easy.

How to carry out a clean Dell Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP re-install

How to install Windows® 10 on a Dell computer.

How to install Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 8 on a Dell computer.

How to install Windows® 7 on a Dell computer.

How to install Windows® Vista on a Dell computer.

How to install Windows® XP on a Dell computer.

How to re-install the Dell drivers after the Windows® re-install

After you have re-installed the operating system, hardware like networking, graphics and sound may not be working correctly, if at all. This is because the operating system would of set-up the with a default or generic set of Windows® drivers that are designed only to operate at minimal levels. A driver is defined as the communication software that interfaces or "drives" the computer's specific hardware.

Some form of device driver is required for the hardware to operate in any way at all. Windows® default drivers are designed so that that basic start-up requirements are met, such as being able to see the display. In cases where the computer is using a default display driver, you will not even be able to see the full screen resolution. Our custom Dell driver disk is one of the most versatile ever released. We think that a driver disk full of compressed, out of date and hard to install driver files is just not good enough. This driver disk will supply you with all the very latest Dell device drivers available. Once the disk has automatically set-up your network drivers, and if you have internet connectivity, the system will then also update, replace and remove any old or broken device drivers.

Just put the disk into the optical device computer once the operating system is running and the driver disk will do the rest.

Article Written By Restore Solutions : August 1st, 2016.