32 Bit (x86) or 64 Bit (x64) Windows?

32 Bit (x86) or 64 Bit (x64) Windows?

32bit  or 64 bit windows


How to find out if your computer is 32 Bit (x86) or 64 Bit (x64)

When deciding on what operating system to restore, it is worth knowing that your product key / serial number will work with both 64 Bit & 32 Bit Versions of your Windows product type (e.g. 32 Bit Windows 7 Home & 64 Bit Windows 7 Home).

However if your system has a 64bit processor in it then you should intall the 64 bit version of your opperatign system as this will drastically increase the performance of your computer!

Just to make things a little more complicated, the 32 Bit operating system will work on 32 Bit and 64 Bit processors, but a 64 Bit operating system will ONLY work on 64 Bit computer, so how can you find out?

If you want to re-install your computer with Windows XP it is very unlikely to be 64 bit

Article Written By Restore Solutions : August 22nd, 2019.