15 Million Devices Now Have Windows 10

15 Million Devices Now Have Windows 10

15 million devices now have Windows 10


Wow that number just keeps rising! Microsoft has announced that the number of installed devices has now reached 15 Million. This looks like a real success for them, but consider their goal, which is one billion devices running Windows 10 within 2 years. With these sorts of figures it really does seem that nobody cares about the fact that the EULA basically states that Microsoft owns all the data on your device.

Microsoft also announced that everybody who reserved a free windows 10 upgrade from them has received it, although we have customers that say they still have not received their download notification. If you have not got your notification or if you are not seeing the "Get Windows 10" icon, then make sure you have your automatic Windows updates switched on, and read this...How to get Windows 10 for free Alternatively your other option would be to re-install your operating system to a fresh new version and then download ALL the updates. Obviously if you do not have an operating system recovery disk then you are already in the right place! Also a quick note on a small glitch that can confuse people, if you click the Windows notification icon for the Windows 10 upgrade and you get to click the, "Ok notify me when ready" This attempt will show as a "failed" installation of "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro" this happens every time you open it and close it making a new "failed" entry.

Also don't forget that if you have the Windows 10 Kn or N versions, due to anti-trust legislation, you will not have media player. However you no not need to worry, you can get the update to a complete windows 10 from here... download the Microsoft media player update.

Article Written By Restore Solutions : August 3rd, 2015.